LARR Training Plans

LA Road Runners (LARR) trains and supports those who wish to participate in the Los Angeles Marathon, Santa Monica Classic, Rose Bowl Half Marathon and other races through training programs, expert coaching, social events, information sharing, and coaching tips. You can sign up for the LARR newsletter to get updates and tips in your inbox.

Below you'll find downloadable training plans for all our events no matter your level. 

if you're looking for coached, in-person training for the Los Angeles Marathon and Rose Bowl Half Marathon, we invite you to consider signing up for the LARR Training Program – a 26 week training program that kicks off in September.

Los Angeles Marathon

About the Training Plans

Learn more about the Levels and picking the best one for you. Plus understanding training pace terms.


For the beginning runner, walker or run/walker. Great for new marathoners or those returning from time off.


Good for advanced beginners or intermediate runners or walkers who want a bit more speed work.


For intermediate runners or walkers who are ready for the next level. Slightly higher weekly mileage and speed work.


For advanced runners who are comfortable with lots of speed work and higher mileage.


For advanced, competitive runners who are ready for higher weekly mileage and significant speed work.

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