LA Kids Run

This kid-friendly event will return in March!

Date: March 16, 2024

Time: 9:30am

Location: Dodger Stadium

Ages: Recommended for kids 3 - 8 years old

Distance: 1/2km

What's Included: T-shirt, medal, bib

Registration is open for 2024 for $15.

LA Kids Run - Instructions for Parents

Instructions for Parents: Each child will be given a participant bib that must be pinned to their clothing. Each registration comes with a "Parent Bib" to be worn or held onto by the parent or guardian. Parents may run with their child and may be asked to show their parent bib to be permitted into the start corral. Parents who do not run with their children can retrieve them after they finish and should be prepared to show their Parent Bib at pick up.

How long is the course?

The course is approximately 1/3 mile

Where does the LA Kids Run start and end?

The LA Kids Run will start at the main event start line at Dodger Stadium and end at the LA Big 5K finish line about 1/3 mile away. This is a considered a point to point course because it starts and ends in two different locations - but the two locations are close to each other.

What time does the LA Kids Run?

Kids can start lining up at 9:15AM for warm ups and announcements. The run begins at 9:30AM.

Will my child get a medal?

Yes, one medal per registered participant who finishes.

What are the waves?

Children will be sent out in waves by age group - oldest in front, youngest in back – every 5 minutes. By sending the kids in groups by age, we make it a more safe and fun experience. Parents are encouraged to run with children 6 and under. • Wave 1 is for children 7-8 years old • Wave 2 is for children 5-6 years old • Wave 3 is for children 4 and under.

Can siblings or friends who are different ages run together?

Yes, they are welcome to run in the same wave together - it's up to you as the parent to decide which is the more appropriate wave. Children with less running experience will likely feel more comfortable with a younger age group that is a bit slower.

Why do I have two race bibs?

Each child will be given a participant race bib that must be pinned to the front of their clothing. There will be a matching “parent bib” for one parent to either wear or hold onto if they are on the course and when they leave the finish area with their child.

What if I want to run with my child?

We love when parents run with their kids and are welcome them to run in any of the waves. We recommend a parent or guardian run with children 6 years and under. Please wear your “Parent Bib” when on the course.

What if I want to wait at the finish line?

If your child is in Wave 1 (7-8 years old) and is comfortable running without you, parents and spectators will be able to view the finish line from the side lines. Parents can reunite with children running solo in the enclosed reunion area – they should be prepared to show the tear tag matching the child’s race number to enter and exit the area.

What happens after the kids race?

Once your child has crossed the finish line they will be directed into the Kids Reunion Corral next to the finish line. This is where spectating parents may reunite with their children.

Where will bib pick up be?

LA Kids Run participants may pick up their bibs on Friday at the LA Marathon expo or on race morning at the main event bib pick up. To avoid delays, plan to pick up your child's bib early. Bib pick up will close at 9am on Saturday.


Take time before the Kids Run to discuss your plan – will you run with your child or meet them at the finish line? Write your cell number on the back of your child's bib. If you need help finding each other, come to the announcer’s stage or locate a staff person.

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